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Solve.Care unveils plans to redefine healthcare and benefits administration

Global platform built on blockchain, smart contracts and distributed computing

New York – September 15, 2017 – The Solve.Care Foundation announced an innovative platform for care coordination, healthcare and benefits administration, based on decentralized and distributed computing technologies.

Solve.Care platform includes a number of innovations such as a synchronization protocol, smart application wallet, healthcare payment currency and edge applications that adapt to stakeholder needs.

“Solve.Care platform puts the individual and the family at the center of care delivery and care coordination, instead of being a passive beneficiary and bystander. We are building a platform and a community that will transform healthcare and benefits administration around the world”, said CEO Pradeep Goel.

Solve.Care management has been part of several large enterprise projects. The team has experience with managing development operations in US, UK, Ireland, India, Romania, Russia, Czech, China, Costa Rica, and Ukraine. Solve.Care team is applying decades of software development experience to build this decentralized platform.

“In the US, more than $3.2 trillion is spent each year on a healthcare and benefits administration model that no one seems to understand, and even fewer like. And it can cost as much as 30% to administer. Solve.Care platform aims to reduce this cost from 30% to 3% and to bring transparency and accountability to the system,” said CTO Vadym Vorobiov.

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Mariya Ozadovskaya [email protected]

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