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Solve.Care Unveils Stаking Prоgrаm To Reward Users for Building Projects to Advance Ecosystem

Singapore – December 19, 2019 – Solve.Care, the global blockchain healthcare company that redefines care coordination while reducing fraud and waste in healthcare around the world, has officially launched its first staking program. The program will incentivize SOLVE tоkеn hоldеrs to advance the Solve.Care ecosystem by building quality healthcare solutions and receiving rewards for doing so.

Designed to draw healthcare specialists, developers, a broad community of tоkеn hоldеrs to the Solve.Care ecosystem, and facilitate the launch of new care networks around the world, the staking program will enable Solve.Care’s community to participate in the company’s growth by delivering solutions to be used by millions of patients around the world. By engaging Solve.Care’s global community, a variety of tоkеn hоldеrs and clinical experts will be empowered to develop healthcare solutions, participate in projects that are relevant to the specific needs of their local markets. Using a staking model also provides Solve.Care’s clients with assurances that project bidders are committed to advancing the Solve.Care ecosystem.

Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care commented, “At Solve.Care, our community is our significant advantage. Solve.Care platform and SOLVE tоkеn, working together, contributes tremendous value to patients, insurers, administrators, and healthcare professionals around the world, and now we want to give our users more options and avenues to participate in developing meaningful solutions. Our staking program empowers our community to become the driving force behind our global expansion and rewards them for their success.”

SOLVE staking program is open to anyone with a SOLVE wallet. Users can bid on various projects available on the Solve.Care website by staking a specific amount of SOLVE tоkеns. Winning bidders will be notified and have their tоkеns locked until the project is successfully completed. All other bidders will be notified, and their staked tоkеns will be unlocked. There are already a number of active projects live on the Solve.Care website, including Care Networks, Care.Cards, Care.Protocols, End Points, and additional models are expected to be released in the near future.

“By increasing the functionality and utility of the SOLVE tоkеn, we are simultaneously increasing the awareness and adoption among clinicians, dieticians, and other professionals, and we’re excited to see the Solve.Care ecosystem reach new heights and corners of the globe,” Goel concluded.

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