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SOLVE – Vietnamese Dong Pair Now Available to Vietnamese Customers

SOLVE utility token now paired with Vietnamese Dong on VCC Exchange, giving patients better access to Care Networks on blockchain.

Singapore – May 13, 2020Solve.Care, the global healthcare platform that aims to redefine the current healthcare system by leveraging blockchain technology, has announced that its native SOLVE token has been listed on VCC Exchange, a digital asset exchange platform with a focus on blockchain technology. The listing will enable VCC Exchange customers to purchase SOLVE Tokens using Vietnam’s official currency, the Vietnamese Dong, for the first time.

Commenting on the announcement, Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care said, “Solve.Care’s mission is to make healthcare more accessible for ordinary, everyday people. It is in-built into our DNA, and today’s milestone announcement moves us one step closer to reaching this goal. Our partnership with VCC Exchange is a further indication of our commitment to place power back in the hands of patients no matter where they are in the world. By enabling Vietnamese residents to use their local currency, the Vietnamese Dong, to purchase SOLVE tokens and utilize the Solve.Care platform, we are empowering them to take control of their healthcare journey, improving their ease of access to care while reducing administration costs.”

SOLVE tokens work in tandem with the Care.Wallet, a personalized healthcare administration platform, used by both individuals and healthcare providers. This partnership with VCC allows for more mainstream users to benefit from the Care.Wallet, without requiring in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrency. In addition, by enabling Vietnamese users to pay in their own local currency, Solve.Care and VCC Exchange are streamlining the experience of purchasing SOLVE while minimizing concerns that users may have about purchasing and trading other digital currencies.

Hai Bui, CEO of VCC Exchange said, “The reputable performance of the VCC Exchange as a reliable and transparent exchange platform is reflected in our collaboration with some of the world’s leading technology applications and with local governments on multiple initiatives. Solve.Care is an award-winning company aiming to address current inefficiencies within the healthcare industry and we are thrilled to add the SOLVE/VND pair to the VCC Exchange.”

Goel concluded by saying, “We are committed to growing our ecosystem to ensure that together, we can reduce the barriers present in the healthcare industry globally. We plan to enter different markets in order to give others a similar opportunity to access the Solve.Care platform through fiat currencies, and to bolster the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology globally.”

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