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South Korea’s Metaverse Doctors Alliance to Adopt SOLVE Token as Payment Currency in the Healthcare Metaverse

Solve.Care also appointed as blockchain advisors for Metaverse Doctors Alliance to launch Korea’s first metaverse clinic.

Incheon, South Korea – July 21, 2022Solve.Care, the healthcare relationship management platform company, has today made a landmark announcement with the Metaverse Doctors Alliance (MDA), a Korean professional organization made up of leading healthcare professionals to promote the use of the metaverse for healthcare. Under this agreement, the SOLVE token will be adopted as the payment currency of choice for healthcare services rendered in South Korea’s upcoming Metaverse Clinic.

This announcement was made as part of Solve.Care CEO, Pradeep Goel’s visit to South Korea during a signing ceremony with the MDA. Users of the country’s first metaverse healthcare clinic will pay for all services using the Solve.Care’s Care.Wallet, the company’s personal healthcare management app, with SOLVE tokens as the currency. In addition to this, Solve.Care has been appointed as the official blockchain advisors to the MDA.

Commenting on the announcement, Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel said, “I am full of admiration for the visionary sight that the MDA possesses. I am also very honored and proud that the MDA has chosen Solve.Care to be their blockchain advisors. The SOLVE token was designed to play an integral part in streamlining healthcare payments, and this announcement is a testament to the utility of our token. I look very much forward to working even more closely with the MDA, and the upcoming launch of the Metaverse Clinic next year.”

Speaking on behalf of the MDA, Yoseup Kim said, “The metaverse represents a new realm of possibilities for the advancement of healthcare for the general public. We are seeking to create a new healthcare system, not just for Korea, but for the world. We are only limited by our own imagination, and that is why the MDA is actively seeking to work with global companies who understand what the Fourth Industrial Revolution can bring and who are healthcare experts as well. It is for this reason we have chosen to work with Solve.Care, a company with a proven track record of launching blockchain solutions for healthcare.”

In a country where telemedicine is still very tightly controlled, with temporary limited relaxations under emergency COVID measures, the metaverse is positioned as virtual in-person healthcare consultations to overcome the restrictive telemedicine laws in the country. The MDA hopes to launch the country’s first metaverse healthcare clinic in the first quarter of 2023.

This news comes off the back of the company’s recent appointment of Dr. Uhn Lee, a leading neurosurgeon and Professor at Gachon University, Gil Hospital as the President of Solve.Care Korea.


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