Solve.Care Welcomes David Drake as New Advisor

Solve.Care, a disruptive startup in the healthcare industry is proud to welcome David Drake, one of the foremost authorities on crowdfunding to their team.

Solve.Care Foundation, a company that aims to revolutionize healthcare delivery globally, and what is being called “a blue chip token sale,” has announced that David Drake will be joining them as an Advisor.

David Drake has made his name as one of the foremost authorities in crowdfunding and as an experienced investor who has managed more than a trillion dollars. Drake\’s success lies in making equity investments at an early stage, allowing him and his clients to profit from cutting-edge business ventures. This includes investing more than USD $100 million in Palantir and Alibaba. He is also regarded as a crowdfunding expert, with particular insight into how this form of financing fits into the modern regulatory landscape.

The fact of David joining Solve.Care as an advisor is one more confirmation of the huge potential of the Solve.Care project. Solve.Care platform market opportunity is the global healthcare market estimated at over $7Trillion, with US alone representing almost 50% of the annual healthcare costs. Solve.Care is addressing a universal market problem and their platform has created a blue ocean opportunity by redefining coordination, administration and payments in healthcare on a relationship centric model using Blockchain technology.

Solve.Care platform will reduce the inefficiency and waste in healthcare programs while improving care results and the potential to save $100B-150B annually in the US alone.

About David Drake

David Drake is a managing partner at LDJ Capital, an asset management and financial services company based in New York City. In this position, he has made and managed investments in a wide range of different ventures, including realty funds, hedge funds, venture capital funds, and fund-of-funds. He has invested in North America, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, and is currently looking to expand into Africa and Australia. He currently has more than fifty directors managing USD $1.5 trillion across the globe. David Drake’s expertise in crowdfunding and regulation has made him a choice speaker for governing and regulatory bodies, both in the United States and across the globe. In April of 2012, he organized a meeting on crowdfunding to address the effects of the recently-signed Jumpstart Our Business Startup, or JOBS, legislation; the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) both participated in this meeting. Drake has also participated in the White House Champions of Change ceremony. He has spoken on behalf of the United States Department of Commerce before both the UK Parliament and the EU Commission.

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