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Mature, experienced, and proven professionals are the backbone of the Solve.Care team. Almost 100 team members and contractors in outsource development and design provide a wealth of blockchain and business experience. And, at the head, a well-known team of executives who have extensive domain expertise in healthcare and IT.

While the Solve.Care Headquarters is in Kyiv, Ukraine, employees, partners, and advisors work around the world, spreading the revolutionary idea of the Solve.Care ecosystem.


We’ve assembled some of the most talented professionals who, when combined, have decades of experience and unstoppable determination.

Pradeep Goel

Chief Executive Officer

David S. Hanekom, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer,
President, North America

Jason Dehni

Regional President, Asia Pacific

Vadym Vorobiov

Chief Technology Officer

Mel Deutsch

General Counsel

Mariya Ozadovskaya

Director of Marketing and

Ed Odjaghian

Head of Partnership and Project Management

Volodymyr Dyomkin

Operations Manager

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Advisory Board

Our advisors were compelled to join Solve.Care, because they recognized the absolute necessity of our mission. They use their years of industry expertise to help guide us along our path to revolutionizing healthcare delivery.

Dr. David Randall, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Political Science, Executive Director of the ARPI

Karen L. Bowling

Former Cabinet Secretary of the West Virginia Department of DHHR

James Moran

Former U.S. Congressman

Jack Friou

Former Senior Vice President, Director of Government Relations at Aflac

Michael Kessel

President and Chief Executive Officer of Cleveland Clinic Canada

Ashis Chawla

MD, Urologist at Cleveland Clinic Canada


Anastasiia Morozova

Community Manager

Here in Solve.Care you know that nothing is impossible and you prove it every day.

Vivica Williams

Communications & Content Manager

I wasn't looking for a change of career, but the passion and sincerity of those who work to achieve Solve.Care's mission really spoke to me

Andriy Osemchuk

Lead Business Analyst

Solve.Care is making history today. I'm glad to be a part of this history almost from the beginning.

Anastasiia Barbashyna

Design Team Lead

Solve.Care is a great place to work, with an amazing team of professionals led by Pradeep Goel. It’s incredible to be a part of a group of game changers who bring value to the market.

Richard Williams

Information Security Manager

I am passionate about the security and protection of our systems and user's data. Solve.Care brought a fresh challenge to not only protect and secure both peoples personal information and healthcare data, but to make a real difference to the healthcare system.

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